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Career Direction Overview

Please note: Due to our Career Direction Specialists working on another project, we are not in a position to offer a Career Direction service to new clients for the remainder of 2015. We are fulfilling all commitments to existing clients, of course.

We may be in a position to refer you to another provider if you contact us by emailing admin@slinuacareers.com


Our Career Direction Specialists work with adults to help them identify what career path is most suitable for them. Our approach involves the use of Psychometric Testing and face-to-face sessions, together with looking at key values, and motivators.

The process aims to build self-awareness so that you can make informed and inspired career decisions. We also support you through the process of transition which can often be a challenging time.

There are three distinct Phases initially.

PHASES 1 and 2 both involve you filling out a range of Questionnaires that will help you – and us – to gain a better understanding of your current situation. Both Phases are free of charge and are self-guided.

You can complete the questionnaires right now HERE

PHASE 3 (Psychometric Assessment Report) tabs above.

BEYOND PHASE 3, we have a number of options, depending on where you are at that stage. You can see those Phases above too.

Talk to Niamh McHugh (see Info / Booking tab) to find out what exactly suits your current situation.


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All Career Direction bookings take place in Ballinrobe and are made through Niamh McHugh. Contact Tel: 094 95 42965

Email: admin@slinuacareers.com. Address: Glebe St, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo.

Niamh will be happy to help you ascertain your current needs, and direct you on the best approach to meet those needs.

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[tab title=”PHASES 1 & 2 – Your Questionnaires”]
Suitable for: People who want to start the process of exploring possible career options.

Cost: Free of charge

Includes: Up to ten questionnaires.

‘Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom’ – Aristotle.

Our questionnaires help you – and us – get to know you better. These explore such items as your core competencies, entrepreneurial instincts, IT skills, values and behaviours.

Their purpose is to get to know more about you so that we can discuss the next step. It is an information-gathering exercise rather than something predictive – that might come next in terms of a psychometric test or a face-to-face session with a career counsellor. The forms help us to see where someone is at exactly because the whole career direction process is not a one-size-fits-all one.

To start this process, contact us today – we send you the questionnaires over two emails. When you complete these, we can look at moving onto Phases 2 and 3.

Next step? You can complete the questionnaires right now HERE

Once you’ve completed them, they will automatically sync to us and we will send them back to you, along with your second set of questionnaires.


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Suitable for: People who want to advance the process of exploring possible career options.

Cost: €140 (includes 23% VAT).

Includes: Psychometric Assessment report.

Carry out a Thomas International Psychometric Assessment (takes approximately 7 minutes online). The assessments are validated by the British Psychological Society. From this assessment, the following reports will be generated specifically for you:

To carry out this Assessment, we simply send you a link, and you do the rest online. We provide the report to you shortly afterwards. They are quite detailed, as you can see from above, so we also schedule a 20-minute follow-up call to explain the reports to you. After this call, we send you a long list of careers we feel might suit you. You shorten this long list to ten, or fewer, careers before we decide what, if any, service you need after that.

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Our services at this stage include:

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Suitable for: People who fit into the following categories:
1. You know where you want to go – but you need help to get you there
2. You don’t really know where you want to go – but you’re making progress and would like help getting there

Ongoing Coaching can help you with job ideas, teasing out business start-up ideas, and anything else that you need to work through, career-wise, to take you to the next level.
Cost: Varies from case to case, depending on level of support. Invoiced at the end of each applicable month.

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