Is a new job or career on your Santa list?

Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?

It’s already December and everyone is focussing on Christmas. Shopping, parties, helping Santa with his lists.

But what about your list? Is a job on your list? A return to work? A career change? How are you going to achieve that?

Wait until the New Year, we hear you say. Why wait, we say? What are you waiting for?

These last few weeks of 2014 could be used to transform your CV and be ahead of the queue when proudly showcasing yourself to prospective employers in January.

When you look at your CV, does it do you justice? Do you believe it properly reflects your achievements and abilities? Does it reflect the area(s) of interest you wish to pursue? Does it make for interesting reading? Easy reading? If the answer to any of the above is ‘No’, then do yourself a favour and blow the dust off that CV.


Spend a little time reading this life document as if it belonged to someone else. Critique it like a stranger. Try to inject some of your personality into it through your achievements – work-related and non work-related. List your hobbies – remember, an employer is hiring a person, not a robot. It is good to have outside interests that create a picture of a balanced individual, interested in their community.

Do you know your target audience? What kind of company would you like to work for? Keep all this in mind when revising your CV.

If you find you are having difficulty with this process, then it may be more efficient to speak with an expert. At Sli Nua Careers, we have offices throughout the country with Career Coaches ready to review your CV and to discuss ways to better reflect your abilities and potential in that document.

Call us now and make an appointment to review your CV and your work search – our office contact details are available HERE.