What we can do for you


Have you been forced into the difficult decision of making some of your staff redundant? Wish to arm them with real skills they will be able to use in their quest for fresh employment?

Job Interview Coaching

Do you want to make better hiring decisions? Our training helps you to conduct more informative interviews, get to the heart of what a candidate has to offer, and thereby minimise those costly hiring errors.

Public Speaking & Presentation

Do you want your people to represent you better? Our highly inter-active Public Speaking and Presentation Skills programmes will give them a fresh perspective, and enhanced confidence, for all future events.

Sleep Workshop

Research – including our extensive survey – shows that sleep is a major issue for many people. They just can’t switch off. A good, refreshing night’s sleep is crucial for so many reasons. Our Sleep Well workshop will help you and your colleagues to get the benefits of good sleep.

Nutrition for Health & Wellbeing

In a fast-moving and at times chaotic world, good nutrition is often a casualty. We take serious risks with our health and wellbeing when we neglect this side of our lives. Our Nutrition Workshops outline the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ – you and your colleagues will numerous practical tips.

Vast experience of delivering group training and workshops


Our team of vastly experienced coaches deliver high quality, engaging and informative training and workshop events.

Benefits of using Sli Nua Careers

Up-skill your team

In an age where continuous improvement is essential we deploy or experience and knowledge to enhance the talent base that you already have.

Corporate Coaching

Even the most successful people and organisations need perspective and encouragement and our team are ready to help you maximise your potential.

Strategic Planning

Do you wish you could spend more time looking ‘at the bigger picture’? We can help you do that by sharing our vast experience and knowledge.

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