What we can do for you

CV Writing

Think of your CV as your own Personal Sales Brochure highlighting your unique selling points. A trailer for a film, if you like. Make yours so engaging the employer can’t wait to see you. Put yourself ahead of the competition. 

Interview Preparation

Our two-hour Interview Training Programme will revolutionise your interview performance. Convince the employer. You won’t realise how much you needed this training programme, until you’ve done it. 

Career Planning & Direction

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Careers can be hard work, if you’ll excuse the pun. Our coaches help you to make a logical plan that sets you off in the right direction.

Why Choose Sli Nua Careers


Our team of vastly-experienced Career Coaches can help you get that job or college place. We have built up a huge knowledge base that we can deploy for your benefit.


We specialise in helping you to leverage your confidence to maximum effect. We also take pride in our successes, helping clients to discover their own worth.


Identify your skills

We all have skills that are saleable. Our particular skill in Sli Nua Careers is guiding you to identify your strengths, and showing you how to successfully sell them in the workplace.

Our Knowledge Base