Slí Nua Careers is committed to providing the highest quality of service in pursuit of our goal of becoming the provider of choice for career communication services


  • Writing services, including the preparation of new CVs and CV makeovers, as well as Application Form and Personal Statement editing, writing and advice.
  • Training on interview techniques, mock interviews and guidance on presentations and public speaking.
  • Career Planning (school leavers and adults) and life coaching.
  • Corporate services, including outplacement and workshops on health and wellbeing.


  • Partnering with clients to identify exact client needs and agree a programme of work.
  • Delivering a bespoke client service, involving personal engagement to help our clients to put their best foot forward – be that a CV, Application Form, Interview, Presentation or career choice.


  • We are committed to providing a high quality, responsive service to you, through a team of specialist coaches who become responsible for your care once you engage our services.
  • As a client you will be matched to the most appropriate coach for your career needs, industry or sector, who will then be responsible for maintaining an outstanding level of care and support.


  • To respond quickly and efficiently to your enquiry and, if relevant, provide you with feedback (audio or written) including a quotation based on our prevailing prices (as per our website).
  • To provide clear, concise information and advice on the steps involved in providing our service including any further information we require from you.
  • To provide you with information on how your costs are accruing when we agree to work on a per hour (rather than a fixed price) basis.
  • To always adhere to best practice in terms of privacy and confidentiality:
      • We will never record any audio or video without your explicit permission.
      • We will only keep your written data in live files for a period of 7 days after completion of work, before archiving them.
      • We will never allow a conflict whereby an individual coach will knowingly advise or work with another client who is competing for the same position as you are.
      • If such a conflict becomes apparent we will take immediate steps to allocate another coach to you or the other client as appropriate.
      • No coach will discuss your details with another coach without your express permission.



  • Totally committed to quality; all personnel are onboarded using a rigorous mentoring programme. In the case of our writing services all client outputs are passed through a dedicated inspection process by qualified personnel as part of our Quality Assurance procedures.


  • Slí Nua Careers observes a strict adherence to confidentiality at all times. This is heavily embedded in our company policies, staff training and throughout all our coaching, mentoring and other services.


  • We observe a strict duty of care to all our clients. Our stringent safeguarding policies are heavily embedded across the company and are focussed on ensuring the health and wellbeing of our coaches and clients alike.


  • Slí Nua Careers aims to provide the highest possible standards of service. However, we realise that in any organisation things can occasionally go wrong. As such we encourage clients to express their views on our services through regular feedback and surveys.
  • We take all complaints seriously and we will do our best to resolve all issues and concerns promptly.


  • When you engage our services you will ordinarily be informed of the cost, or estimated cost, prior to the commencement of work.
    • In the case of standard work packages this will be at the unit rates published on our website at the time of engagement.
    • When we have agreed that a job will be priced on time basis, the unit rate will be that published on our website at the time of engagement and we undertake to provide an estimate of the time required before commencing work.
    • We will always keep you informed of how the job is progressing and will not exceed the estimated time without advance agreement.
    • Contract work will be charged at the rates agreed at the time of engagement.
  • Payment is normally made in advance of work commencing. In the case of jobs that are being charged on a per hour basis we require a deposit of 50% of our estimated cost before commencing work. In the case of contract work, payment will be as per the terms of the quotation/contract.