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One-on-one Interview Training

You have an interview coming up, and you need to sharpen up so you can give the best possible account of yourself.

Mock Interviews

Our online Mock Interview service covers all types of interview including competency-based and traditional interviews.

Interview Training & Mock Interview Combined

Want to give yourself the very best possible chance? Book an Interview Training and a Mock Interview as one package now.

One-on-one Interview Training

We will prepare you for competency-based and traditional types of interviews

Our interview training sessions are tailored to suit your needs, and are run by experienced interviewers, who also have extensive experience in business mentoring, communications, education, training, media and human resources. 

The approach we recommend is that, when preparing for the Interview, you focus on what the organisation is actually looking for in the successful candidate. Use the job specification, and google the organisation extensively, to write down the list of requirements for the post. When you’ve compiled that list – and only then – you outline the experience, education, and attributes you possess to fulfil their requirements.

You use one of the forms HERE to help you in this regard, depending on whether you are likely to be doing a competency-based interview or a traditional one. Once you’ve filled out the form in your own time, you undertake the training session with us and we prepare you to go into the interview and tell the employer/college how you fit the bill. During and after the session, we help you expand the information in the form, and this acts as your constant companion in the build-up to the interview.

For traditional interviews, we prepare you using the Four Step Method. For competency-based interviews, we deploy the START Method.

Click HERE to preview the structure of our interview training sessions.7

Why you should consider Sli Nua Careers for Interview training

Listen to Liam Horan explaining the process

Liam Horan, Sli Nua Careers, talks (1 min 45 secs) about why you should consider Sli Nua Careers for Interview Training

What others are saying

“Deirdre from Sli Nua Careers did an absolutely fantastic job in preparing me for an interview for a role which I ultimately secured. She gave really helpful tips on every aspect of the interview, from how to answer a question to mannerisms, all in a friendly, constructive manner. Also, she gave the impression that she genuinely wanted me to get the job and she wasn’t just doing it for the sake of it. I would heartily recommend her services to anyone preparing for a job interview”

Liam Togher


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Mock Interviews

We will prepare you for competency-based and traditional types of interviews

Want to get some interview experience before you go for the big one? Our Mock Interview service covers competency-based and traditional interviews, as befits the interview for which you are preparing. It works as follows:

  • Interview – completely in character – dress as you will for the actual interview itself – you name the company and the job, and we become them – we will ask questions they are likely to ask.
  • Interview duration is approximately 40 minutes.
  • When the interview is over, we give you immediate feedback – in written and audio form, as outlined below. We advise you on where we feel you did well, where you need to improve, and we give you pointers that will help you improve.
  • Yes, we do evening appointments.


  • €175 (including 23% VAT), includes audio and written feedback given to you immediately afterwards.
  • €405 (incl. 23% VAT) – combined Interview Training & Mock Interview package

Click HERE to obtain the form we use when marking Mock Interviews. This form (completed) is provided to you after the interview. We also record our feedback in audio format and provide that to you as well, so you can refer to extensive feedback in the build-up to your interview(s).

Why you should consider Sli Nua Careers for Interview Training

Listen to Liam Horan Explaining the Process

Benefits of a Mock Interview
Liam Horan, Sli Nua Careers, talks (1 min 45 secs) about the benefits of putting yourself through a Mock Interview before the big day


What Others Are Saying

I just wanted to email you to say thanks for preparing my CV and cover letter. Any company that I submitted my CV to, I got a call for interview resulting in three second round interviews, of which two resulted in offers for two software multinationals in Galway. Thank you and wish you all the best

Louise Martyn

Co. Galway

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Interview Training & Mock Interview Combined

We will prepare you for competency-based and traditional interviews

To give yourself real peace of mind, book an Interview Training session and a Mock Interview now.

Why you should consider Sli Nua Careers