‘The wisdom is in the room’

‘Drill Down Day’ is a three-hour accelerated business networking event with the following features and results:

  1. Get others to look closely at your business and suggest new products, pricing, contacts marketing ideas and other invaluable elements to boost your business.
  2. You do the same for them – and, in the process, build up new contacts in the room.
  3. Mixture of small group and full room discussions.
  4. Fun and energetic approach. Anger

The ‘Drill Down Day’ format was devised by Sli Nua Careers (SliNuaCareers.com/drilldown) and operates on the premise that ‘the wisdom is in the room.’

“Put 30 people in a room, get them thinking and talking, and you have all the wisdom you need to generate great ideas. You don’t need a guest speaker to talk down to people,” said Liam Horan, Drill Down Day facilitator.

“Our experience is that people from totally different sectors can spark off great ideas in each other. Someone looking in from the outside can sometimes see it more clearly than the businesss owner themselves.”

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