Handling GPA Clients

This page is now obsolete – go to the new launcher in our intranet. If you can’t find that, email Liam.

1: When GPA client is introduced to us, add them HERE

2: Then go HERE and do what edits need to be done there on that client’s record (e.g., assign coach on far right; maybe amend product; add some more notes) (John or Aidrienne, you can later transfer this to the GPA invoice). Think primarily Next Action and Next Action date – see other ones in the spreadhseet to see how they are action focused. Did client pay? Did they contact us? It’s nearly always a question.
We are tracking here the pre-sales element of each transaction; that’s where the focus should be in the Next Action. See what we do with job-completed ones too. Clients should pay 24 hours. Set Next Actions to one day beforehand.

3: Then, reply to all (except gpa@slinuacareers.com) in the thread a modified version of this email.

This was a recent step we used to take but I think it’s redundant now – just leaving it here just in case: Then WhatsApp the client with this message – save their number in your phone with GPA tacked onto it; this will allow you to search your phone for GPA clients at a later stage for deletion (GDPR). Remind me to tell you re Blue Ticks option here.

4: Find a Coach (do this by WhatsApp).

5: Send the email to introduce Emma, John or Tamara (all three of these have Calendly set up) to set up an appointment; or do a different email (this email HERE) to introduce a non-Calendly writer. If you do the latter, you will then need to set up a coach to take this appointment. I will explain how first and then add that here (LH).

6: If you happen to make a Zoom appointment for interview training (using our company-wide Zoom account) – add that HERE as per the protocol.

7: Create a new client folder in the coach’s folder (audio-transit or Ballinrobe-Clients -will rename as audio-transit) – or move existing client folder to that folder. I will show you how to move existing folder from Dropbox archive to the coach’s folder. Email coach to say you have opened the folder and that – if applicable – you have updated the Zoom Checker.

8: Daily, check the Next Action and Next Action date in the spreadsheet to see if there is anything imminent – e.g., a reminder to a client to pay, various other pre-sales things.


Below – not to be deleted yet, but may be obsolete now

3: If they’re a CV client, we do…

4: If they’re a LinkedIn client, we send this email

5: If they’re an Interview Training client, we do…


The above process is being built as we speak.


A generic booking link in Step 2 above that allows any of our crew to pick up on the booking? I’M IN THE PROCESS OF CREATING INDIVIDUAL ONES FOR THESE SCENARIOS – IN TIME, ALL OF THESE SHOULD BE AVAILABLE IN EACH COACH’S LAUNCHER.

Pass GPA CV client onto coach and flag to LinkedIn writer – in case where we HAVEN’T yet got CV or LinkedIn URL

Pass GPA CV client onto coach and flag to LinkedIn writer – in case where WE’VE ALREADY GOT CV or LinkedIn URL

GPA client got CV sanctioned and done – now wants LinkedIn added

Pass GPA CV client to coach