Handling GPA Clients

1: When client is introduced to us, add them to our OnePageCRM with GPA before their first name. Now, or later, specify in the OnePageCRM which exact product it is (e.g., CV1, IVT, LinkedIn, whatever – John can later transfer this to the GPA invoice).

1a: Then, reply to all in the thread with this email

2a: Then WhatsApp the client with this message – save their number in your phone with GPA tacked onto it; this will allow you to search your phone for GPA clients at a later stage for deletion (GDPR). Remind me to tell you re Blue Ticks option here.

Or 2b: If, for some reason, you prefer to send the client an email.

Or 2c: Send the email to introduce Emma, John or Tamara to set up an appointment

3: If they’re a CV client, we do…

4: If they’re a LinkedIn client, we send this email

5: If they’re an Interview Training client, we do…


The above process is being built as we speak.


A generic booking link in Step 2 above that allows any of our crew to pick up on the booking? I’M IN THE PROCESS OF CREATING INDIVIDUAL ONES FOR THESE SCENARIOS – IN TIME, ALL OF THESE SHOULD BE AVAILABLE IN EACH COACH’S LAUNCHER.

Pass GPA CV client onto coach and flag to LinkedIn writer – in case where we HAVEN’T yet got CV or LinkedIn URL

Pass GPA CV client onto coach and flag to LinkedIn writer – in case where WE’VE ALREADY GOT CV or LinkedIn URL

GPA client got CV sanctioned and done – now wants LinkedIn added

Pass GPA CV client to coach