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This ‘launcher’ page collates your regular links in one place. We will customise for each coach.

Shortcut or bookmark this page for ease of access. If there’s anything you’d like to add here, or if something needs correcting, email Liam. You might have regular emails or links you use, Oleksandra?

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News & Plans – we will update various items here, particularly in the immediate aftermath of Niamh’s departure


My CV & application form emails and booking links

Email for sending out new CV and cover letter – Ukrainian clients


My other links

My Zoom link – just in case you need to share with a client or colleague. Please note: clients get this link in the confirmation emails you send out. <<<Do you have a Zoom permanent meeting room, Oleksandra. If not, give a shout and she’ll set it up with you. Here’s an example.


WhatsApp for Web (if you use it)

Company wide

CV templates

Cover letter templates

Various how-to videos

Liam’s Calendly if you need to set up a meeting with him (ignore the ‘career’ questions asked as you make the booking – it’s the link he uses for clients too)

Contact details for all our Coaches