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We prepare candidates for competency-based and traditional interviews

This is our ‘flagship’ programme. You have an interview coming up, and you need to sharpen up so you can give the best possible account of yourself. After a two-hour face-to-face session with us, you will be on the right road to interview success. Yes, we do evening appointments. Each session costs €225 (Including 23% VAT), and includes:

  1. Full analysis of what the employer is looking for – form filled by you before you come to the session ensures maximum return for you.
  2. Complete assessment of how you meet those needs.
  3. Mock Interview scenarios using language that convinces employers you have what they’re looking for.
  4.  Our extensive written and audio follow-up.

The approach we recommend is that, when preparing for the Interview, you focus on what the Employer/College is looking for. Use the job specification to write down the list of requirements for the post. When you’ve compiled that list – and only then – you outline the experience, education, and attributes you possess to fulfil the Employer/College requirements.

You use one of the forms HERE to help you in this regard, depending on whether you are likely to be doing a competency-based interview or a traditional one. Once you’ve filled out the form in your own time, you undertake the training session with us and we prepare you to go into the Interview and tell the Employer/College how you fit the bill. During and after the session, we help you expand the information in the form, and this acts as your constant companion in the build-up to the interview.

For traditional interviews, we prepare you using the Four Step Method. For competency-based interviews, we deploy the START Method.

Click HERE to preview the Structure of our Interview Training Sessions.



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