Suitable for: People who want to advance the process of exploring possible career options; recruiters or employers who wish to hire the right candidate.

Cost: €116.85 (includes 23% VAT).

Includes: Psychometric Assessment report + follow-up phone call to interpret / explain the report.

Carry out a Thomas International Psychometric Assessment (takes approximately 7 minutes online). The assessments are validated by the British Psychological Society. From this assessment, the following reports will be generated specifically for individuals:

Recruiters and employers can order a variety of reports as they require. We can discuss this with you to ascertain your exact needs.

Individuals, to carry out this Assessment, we simply send you a link, and you do the rest online. We provide the report to you shortly afterwards. They are quite detailed, as you can see from above, so we also schedule a 20-minute follow-up call to explain the reports to you. After this call, we send you a long list of careers we feel might suit you. You shorten this long list to ten, or fewer, careers before we decide what, if any, service you need after that.

Next step? Go HERE and make the payment and the test will be automatically generated inside the next 24 hours.