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Become an accomplished and confident public speaker, pitcher or presenter.

Conducted in our Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo office, or on site at your location by journalist and broadcaster Liam Horan, founder and MD of Sli Nua Careers, our two-part programme comprises:

Pictured in GMIT at the ‘the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Week’ which was organised by the Innovation Hubs Castlebar and hosted by Dragons Den Entrepreneur Bobby Kerr. Liam Horan addressing the audience. Photo © Ken Wright Photography 2014.

Day 1: 3.5 hours – Preparation: 

  • Key preparation pointers
  • Prepare your speech, pitch or presentation
  • Do an ice-breaker (4 minutes)
  • Feedback from trainer and others in the group
  • Deal with questions (expected and unexpected) from your audience
  • Repeat and improve

Day 2: 3.5 hours – Action:

  • Deliver your final version to the group – between 5 and 15 minutes, depending on your upcoming engagement
  • Get written and verbal feedback from your ‘audience’ (your fellow students)
  • Give feedback to your peers – in this way, you further develop your understanding of what constitutes a good speech or presentation
  • Written follow-up afterwards with your personalised Checklist

Learn how to:

Trainer – Liam Horan
  1. Evaluate your audience beforehand so you can deliver the right message in the right way
  2. Generate engaging content every time
  3. Use to powerful effect the greatest weapon you have – your voice
  4. Develop confidence and a sense of calm when you present – practical tips on overcoming anxiety
  5. Appear spontaneous even when you have prepared fully
  6. Use your slides as props – not chains around your neck
  7. Overcome nerves

Key benefits:

  1. Your presentations on both days are captured on video and given to you – and only you – afterwards.
  2. A safe, positive and enjoyable environment
  3. Highly-interactive – we help you to reach your potential
  4. Programme limited to just six participants – ensures a high level of individual attention


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Our programme is suitable for people who wish to deliver compelling speeches, pitches and presentations in all sorts of settings including:

  • Work / career
  • Business presentations
  • Sales pitches
  • Job interviews
  • College
  • Politics / public life
  • and anywhere else where it is important for you to be confident and competent. We can react to whatever you require.


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The cost of the programme varies according to the size of the group.


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Call +353 94 95 42965


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Liam Horan is an award-winning national journalist and broadcaster. He was the creator of the popular Championship Man series on RTE Radio One; a former Gaelic Games Correspondent of the Irish Independent; and co-writer of the comedy play The Pull, toured nationwide by Half Solid Productions in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

TRAINER – Liam Horan

He is in demand as an after-dinner speaker and Master of Ceremonies at a wide variety of events all over Ireland. His versatility is illustrated by the vast range of events at which he speaks – from MC at prestigious business awards to presenter at major sports events, and much more in between.

Nationally published Careers Columnist with TheJournal.ie; Entrepreneur & Business Owner (Managing Director, Sli Nua Careers); Business Mentor & Consultant.

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