Online training resources

A number of places you should look for courses (many of them free) that will help you gain skills of use to you:

  • – all sorts of courses on all sorts of topics
  • – the FAS ecollege
  • – online software training videos
  • – ‘learn almost anything for free’ –they boast of having over 4,000 videos and, at last count, they had delivered 162,800,596 lessons
  • If you already are quite IT-proficient, but want to move to the next level – design and develop for the web – they have over 750 training videos
  • Learning to type – this has come up on a number of occasions on training courses we run. Here are recommended sites that will act as your teacher. Persistence is what’s needed: stick with it. and
  •  – a global community centred around creativity, collboration and learning by doing


Other sources for up skilling yourself

  • Your local library
  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Your personal and professional networks
  • Your Jobs Club

If we’ve missed any, please email us at with the details.