tweaks to #powerburst on #irishbizparty

Hello all,

Following last night’s inaugural #powerbust on #irishbizparty, I’d like to get your thoughts on some ideas and feedback. The consensus seems to be that it has potential so it might be worth trying to fine-tune it to get it right.

Please email me at with suggestions, rather than trying to tweet, because the 140-character limitation could prove troublesome.

Ideas received/thought up:

1. Start the first chosen business at 9pm or 9.15pm, and the second one at 9.30pm or 9.45pm. There seemed to be a marked fall-off for the second chosen business last night. Or should we go with one chosen business per night and let it drift through the entirety of the #irishbizparty?

2. Get chosen businesses to put up some specific information on what they are looking for from the #powerburst. This information could be put up on their website or Facebook page. It could contain current business challenges and specific areas they want promotional/marketing help in. Ideally, this could go up a day or two before #irishbizparty and allow people to view it and mull on it, if they wished.

Any other thoughts, please let me know. I want to guard against creating something that needs a huge amount of work each week. As I get suggestions over the next few days, I will update this page. Thanks, Liam Horan