Good luck to our own star pupils!

Over the summer months, we were privileged to work with a large number of teachers and others in the education sphere.

Without breaching confidentiality, I can reveal we worked with deputy principals going for principal positions, teachers going for deputy principal positions, teachers going for principal positions, teachers going for full-time jobs, teachers going for maternity leaves, and various others in the broad teaching arena.

Thankfully many of them were successful and are now holding down important posts in our country’s schools, and doing excellent jobs too I’m sure.

We are bit late with this (sorry, teacher, just didn’t get my homework done) but it’s just a special ‘well done and best of luck’ to all those we worked with and helped in any way. While we do believe our help is valuable – most notably in the form of helping to write applications and carrying out interview training and mock interviews – we can never make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

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