Preparing for Defence Forces recruitment interviews

By Mick O’Connor, Career Coach, Sli Nua Careers Athlone

Mick O'Connor, Career Coach
Mick O’Connor, Career Coach

Prospective candidates who wish to pursue a career in the Defence forces need to be focussed on the following key points:

1.    Background Knowledge

  1. You need to understand fully the induction process for the Defence Forces which culminates in an Interview.
  2. Have a basic knowledge of what the Defence Forces do both in Ireland and their involvement in overseas Missions.
  3. Have an understanding of the career for which you are applying either General Recruitment or Cadetships.

2.    Defence Forces  Interview Process

General points

  • The Defence Forces Interview Process takes place in front of a Board of uniformed members  which may also include  a civilian.
  • The information which the Interview Board has on each candidate is taken from the inital application form . Therefore there is no mandatory requirement requirement  for a personal CV it is an individual choice to present one the Board.
  • Ensure you present  yourself for Interview suitably dressed – first appearances cannot be underestimated.
  • When you are seated in front of the Board you will have a glass of water beside you and it is recommended that you take a sip once you are seated. This will help relax you.
  • The interview will last for 25 -30 mins approximately. defence

The Interview

  • The Interview will open  with a “settling in” where you will be given 1 Minute to introduce yourself. Within this time frame you should be able to give the Board an idea of who you are and provide other relevant details as you deem appropriate. Keep to the time allowed otherwise you will be stopped. If this happens accept it and move on to the next stage.
  • The next part of the interview will concentrate on the competencies as listed under the Induction Process which you should be familar when you submitted your application.
  • You will be assessed under a number of the  competencies therefore  it is highly recommended that you prepare at leat 3 scenarios which illustrate how you managed situations under each of the competencies.
  • If you are asked a question you  do not understand do not hesitate to say so and ask for the question to be repeated.
  • When answering a question, answer to  all of the Board members not just the person who asked the question.
  • Once the Interview Board have finished the area of competencies ,you may be asked why you want to join the Defence Forces and what do you know about the Defence Forces.  Refer to Paragraph 1 above.
  • Finally you will be asked if you have any questions for the Board. If you have – ask , if not, thank the Board and you will then be shown out of the room.

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