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Listen to Mark McDonald and Chris Malendewicz HERE – interview on Today FM on Sunday, May 24, 2015. More details below.


“Mark McDonald of Sli Nua Careers offered a service that was second to none in my opinion. I have never come across someone who is so totally dedicated to what they do and works so hard to achieve the goals of their client. There was more than one occasion that he was on the phone to me at 10 o’clock on a Sunday night discussing job search strategy, applications or the next day’s interview such was his dedication.

Mark, I felt, as well as being a total gentleman was at all times completely on my side and believed in me and my abilities even when I was having trouble seeing myself as the highly valuable potential employee that I was. Relentlessly positive, he stuck with me and helped me to achieve my goals even when I was trying to convince him that I maybe wasn’t worth all the work that he was doing.

He kept the faith when I had lost it, built my confidence and was totally innovative and eye-opening in his approach to solutions to my recruitment problems. He also really understood where I was emotionally in my job search and constantly reassured me and helped me to identify my strengths as well as setting me targets and goals to achieve.

The interview training was totally brilliant, breaking the job description down into chunks and going through it piece by piece, recording it, with his objective advice and pointers and emailing it to me gave me the opportunity to really prepare for the interview well in advance giving me the confidence to know that I was extremely well prepared, calm and ready and that I was going to nail that interview and get that job!

I have now successfully secured a great job, in no small part to the efforts of Mark and Sli Nua and would not hesitate to recommend him, and them to anyone who is stuck in a rut employment wise, if you need a CV review, interview training or some advice about the way forward I think you should give them a ring” – Chris Malendewicz, Dublin (winner of our special promotion with Today FM)

January 25th, 2014:

The partial identities of both winners will be announced on the Sunday Business Show today (10am to 11pm), By partial, we mean the first names of both winners. In this way, the two individuals involved can go ahead and apply for jobs without employers happening upon the fact that they are part of this promotion – and this will ensure no bias (either positive or negative) on the part of employers.

All the runners-up receive a free CV Health Check, worth €73.80 (details HERE), courtesy of Sli Nua Careers. This is to acknowledge their taking the time to enter and to attend for interview, and additionally to assist them with their future job-seeking efforts.


January 16th, 2014:

Closing date now passed for inclusion in this event – further details on progress of applicants will be posted here as the event unfolds.

January 2nd, 2015:

Two job-seekers offered chance to transform their job-searching and interview performance – closing date to apply is Friday, January 16th, 2015

Two job seekers will be given the opportunity to totally transform their job-searching endeavours in a joint promotion between Today FM Sunday Business Show and Sli Nua Careers, one of Ireland’s leading career training companies.


To mark the beginning of a new year full of hope and optimism, Sli Nua Careers are offering their entire range of services, free of charge to two job seekers who are currently unemployed.

“We will work hand-in-hand with the two candidates on areas such as CV preparation, job seeking and networking strategies, online profile creation, interview training and mock interviews,” said Mark McDonald, who runs the Sli Nua Careers Dublin North office.

Mark McDonald, Career Coach
Mark McDonald, Career Coach

The event will be launched this Sunday, January 4th, on Today FM during the Sunday Business Show 10:00-11:00am. Mark will be in studio to explain how the event will help two candidates with every aspect of their job search and interview preparation.

The event is open to candidates nationwide and two successful applicants will be chosen from the list of entries received. Applicants must be currently unemployed for a minimum of six months and be willing to be interviewed on the Sunday Business Show in the coming weeks.


All applicants must email their CV and cover letter outlining the kind of roles for which they are applying, and why they should be considered for inclusion in this event, to Closing date for entries is Friday, January 16th, at 5pm. Sell yourself to us! 

Read more on this promotion on the Today FM website HERE

Meanwhile, all job-seekers – and people chasing promotion or new roles – are also invited to take part in a free Career Mastermind event that Sli Nua Careers run online every Tuesday morning at 10.30. Topics of interest to career movers are discussed every week, including CV’s, cover letters, interview techniques, job-searching and networking, LinkedIn profiles and various other relevant subjects. To register, go here:

January 4th: