‘Get that Job’ – Interview Techniques for a competitive Jobs market @itsligo

By Shane Halligan, Sli Nua Careers

Liam Horan
Liam Horan, BALLINROBE Tel: 094 95 42965

The Careers Office of IT Sligo are bringing Liam Horan of SliNuaCareers.com to deliver two talks entitled ‘Get that job: interview techniques for a competitive jobs market’ on Thursday, March 12th, at 12noon and 2pm. (Venue: Lecture Room A0006).

SliNuaCareers.com specialise in CV preparation and Interview Training, and in this talk Liam will outline the key elements that help you do a good job interview.

“It all centres on your preparation. You must have a strong sense beforehand of what the employer is looking for – it’s only when you know what the employer is looking for that you stand a chance of going into the interview and proving you can meet their needs,” says Liam, who is a nationally published author and broadcaster on career issues.

“Many candidates go to an interview without doing this preparatory work. In this talk, I will show you how to prepare properly for the interview – and then how to go in there and deliver the right information across the table.”

To prepare for the talk, students can obtain a copy of the Interview Training Workbook that SliNuaCareers.com use to prepare students for interview. Simply email getthatjob@slinuacareers.com with ‘IT Sligo Interview Training Workbook’ in the subject line and they will send it onto you, along with some other useful career resources.

SliNuaCareers.com have offices nationwide. You can also access their services online at www.SliNuaCareers.com, or by telephoning 094 95 42965.

Liam Horan is Managing Director of Sli Nua Careers Ltd. You can read more blogs from Sli Nua Careers coaches HERE, and make a booking for CV Preparation and Interview Training.