Second interview document to boost your chances

By Liam Horan, Career Coach, Sli Nua Careers

Q: I have been called for a second interview for the company and I am hopeful. Since the first interview, I have updated my CV to put in additional information including competencies, achievements and attributes. Should I bring this second CV with me to the interview? I want to give myself every chance. (TR, e mail).

Liam Horan
Liam Horan, BALLINROBE Tel: 094 95 42965

A: My hunch is not to bring an altered CV as this may lead to confusion. They have your CV and I feel this should remain as the primary document about you. Don’t forget it has probably already been circulated throughout the organisation, and a second one now could lead to confusion.

What you could do however is bring an additional page entitled Further Value I Bring to the Organisation and underneath that have subheadings Competencies, Attributes and Achievements. You could then write a number of bullet points under each heading which would not alone be your Competencies, Attributes and Achievements, but would be tailored to meet the actual needs of the job.

Produce-an-additionalSo say, for example, you have a previous achievement of introducing your companies to new territory (you are a salesperson), and this job involves doing just that, you may decide to highlight that as the top item in your Achievements.  In this way you could produce an additional document that would boost your chances without causing any confusion.

I am a fan of bringing something with you to interviews.  This can be one pager outlining your vision for the job or specific attributes you bring to that role.


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