CV preparation session details

Fee: €166 (€135 plus 23% VAT), payable on the day. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, credit card or debit card. Standard turnaround time for your CV is five working days – if you require it quicker than this, please let us know in advance.

If you could do some, or all, of the following steps before coming here, it will help us speed up the process of creating the best possible CV for you:
  • In advance of our meeting, if you get a chance, you can select your preferred CV template  All you have to do is decide on the one you want, click on Select my Template at the bottom of the page. Then enter your selection there and it will automatically sync to us here.
  • If you have an existing CV, please email it to me beforehand, plus any written references or certificates you have.
  • If not, and if you get a chance, please fill out some/all of this questionnaireWhen you complete it, it will automatically sync to us.
  • Evaluate your Core Competencies here​  – when you’ve completed this, it will automatically upload to our server.
  • Identify your major career achievements to date here:
  • Please note that if you haven’t time to do any of the above steps, simply turn up on the day and we will obtain the information we need from you.

Please note we also supply two Cover Letters with your CV – one Direct Cover Letter for specific applications, and one Speculative Cover Letter to accompany your CV when you send it out speculatively to organisations that you’re pitching to even though they have not advertised a specific role.

After our meeting, we will work on your CV and send it to you. We will be available to do any editing required to turn that draft into the final copy.

EDUCATION SECTOR: We have a special online questionnaire for jobs in the education sector. Please go HERE to fill it out, and it will automatically sync to us – this helps us create a better end product for you.
Teaching is one of our specialties and on our site we have assembled quite a deal of info of relevance to teaching. You can access that info here:​