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Find that job

By Sabina Trench, Career Coach, Sli Nua Careers

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Everyone is talking about all the jobs ‘out there’ but ‘where are they?’ asks Sabina Trench, Career Coach, Sli Nua Careers.

Think local first

It costs a lot of money to advertise on the national websites, so some companies just advertise locally. Check out your local newspapers, radio, and business premises for job notices and advertisements. The national press also include job advertisements, and they tend to be higher-level management positions.

Get online

The best way to find that job is to get online. There are many websites out there with job notices. The main ones include,, and You can easily set up job alerts to come into your email, and this minimises the time you need to spend checking the sites on a daily basis. Even with alerts, I still recommend that you check the sites, just to make sure you are not missing anything.

Get social

Many people are approached via their LinkedIn profile for job opportunities. Believe it or not, Facebook and Twitter are also good job hunting grounds. Check #jobfairy on Twitter for current job notices.

Specialist sites

If you are in a particular sector, there may be a dedicated jobs website specifically for you such as, or These jobs might only be advertised on these sites, so make sure to include them on your favourites bar.

Look beyond

If you are in the market for a move to experience something new, don’t forget Northern Ireland and our nearest neighbours., and are close to home. For the more adventurous, take a look at sites such as For many, a job abroad can give an insight into innovations that you can add to your CV and bring back to Ireland in years to come.


Go public

The recruitment embargo has been lifted in the public sector and they are now recruiting in large numbers., and your local county or city council are all good sources of job opportunities. While not quite public sector, advertises many interesting jobs that are publicly funded.


If you are a recent or upcoming graduate, graduate jobs are posted on the main websites, but it’s also worth looking at sites such as and

Recruit me 

There are some excellent recruitment agencies in Ireland, and I recommend that you contact one today. While they may not have a job for you now, they are often a first port-of-call for companies that want to recruit fast. Some agencies specialise in certain sectors, so you may need to search the market for your best fit.

Find that job

Fund that job One website I really like for researching what’s involved in a particular job is It has some great information about a wide range of jobs and career and course videos. It’s good for both graduates and job seekers. can also be very useful for major national recruitment campaigns. Users share useful tips such as the interview process, questions asked, and insider information that can prove invaluable. It won’t work for everyone, but it is worth a look for the public sector campaigns, for example.

So, while there are jobs out there, they generally won’t come looking for you. It’s time to get signed up, logged on, and search savvy to find your next big opportunity.

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Sabina Trench is a Career Coach with Sli Nua Careers, who have offices in Bandon Galway, Limerick, Navan,  Athlone, Sligo and Mayo, plus a full online service. Their services include CV preparation, interview training, personal statements and application forms.