Six tips for a better job interview

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Interview tips

Vasjan Broka, Career Coach

By Vasjan Broka, Sli Nua Careers

Job interviews can be very challenging for many people – here are some interview tips to help you do better from Vasjan Broka, an Albanian Career Coach currently partnering with Sli Nua Careers here in Ireland under the European Union Erasmus Young Entrepreneurship programme.

  1. Show your achievements

During an interview you should make sure to take all your trophies with you, metaphorically speaking. Companies like to hire high achievers in different fields of life. The spirit of the winner is very important for a company that wishes to thrive in this volatile world. Don’t be shy about claiming your victories. Nobody else is likely to tell the interview panel for you, so take on the responsibility to do it yourself.

  1. Tell your stories

Interview tipsStorytelling is an important component of success in interviews. Storytelling allows the listener to digest information more easily because it connects that information to a real situation. It becomes memorable. The listener can remember your point of view and you can easily project yourself into the job. Don’t forget to prepare examples for every skill you wish to show during the interview.

  1. Use your body language

Your body language can have a significant role in helping you to get a job. The interviewer gets information not only from what you are saying, but also from what you are doing. Making good eye contact is one of the best ways to show you are engaged with the interview panel. Also, the use of your hands in moderation suggests that you are confident in your topic. Don’t forget to give a smile once in a while. It costs nothing. Avoid sitting there with a frozen look on your face and the frightened demeanour of someone about to face a firing squad.

  1. Communicate clearly and directly

The ability to communicate affectively during an interview will increase your chances to get that job. Try to speak clearly and directly during the conversation, while still being natural, as if you are in a coffee shop rather than an interview room. Being able to enter into a dialogue with the interviewer will result in a more productive conversation and help you to build rapport. If you are too stilted or formal, you will not encourage the interviewer into a general discussion.

  1. Every step is important

Every question has the same importance. Do your best with every answer. Work your way systematically through the interview in this way. Be flexible, open-minded and natural. Do not rush during the interview. Take every question step by step and show you are capable of filling the role. Keep in mind that you should aim to score points in every question that you are asked.

  1. Your tone of voice is crucial

Your tone of voice during an interview session is very important. You should strike the right balance between being confident yet willing to learn. Don’t speak in a monotone voice: rather, try to convey enthusiasm and energy with your words and tone. Keep in mind to talk in a balanced way, not too fast, not too slow. An even pace will assist you in making a good impression.

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