Halfway through my placement in Sli Nua Careers

By Paula Ballester Murat

Erasmus Entrepreneurship Programme Participant, 2017/2018 

Paula Ballester Murat, Erasmus Entrepreneurship Programme

Being an entrepreneur means to be involved in all the steps of the process of creation of your services, from the idea until the analysis of the results. During these two months, I’ve also contributed to an essential part of this business: promoting our services among our potential customers.

I’ve taken part in some events for young students and school leavers in Castlebar and Galway. One segment of our clients are youngsters applying for their first job or need some guidance at the beginning of their professional career.

This is a new niche of market for us as Liam and his team are is developing a new service in collaboration with his previous Erasmus Young Entrepreneur NE Isabel Álvarez seron, also from Spain. Isabel, who spent three months in Ireland with Sli Nua Careers in 2016, and who is currently an entrepreneur with her own business in Zaragoza: Puliendo el talento.

Liam Horan, Sli Nua Careers, and Paula Ballester Murat speak with students at GMIT, Castlebar, careers fair.

Together Sli Nua and Puliendo el talento are creating the YOCA Test, a test based on multiple intelligences theory by Gardner.

The goal is to help school leavers to identify their strengths and to use that information to choose their next studies or jobs.

So during the career events in Castlebar and Galway, I spoke with students and explained YOCA Test to them, as well as other services offered by Sli Nua Careers.

Additionally, I tried to know their interests and abilities to figure out how we may help them.

Liam Horan, Sli Nua Careers, and Paula Ballester Murat at GMIT, Castlebar, careers fair.