Want to communicate well? Speak your natural language

Q: I’ve done all the basic preparation for an upcoming interview – went over my CV, listed reasons why I’m suitable for the role, drawn out examples of career successes, researched the company’s mission and values. I’m focusing now on how to communicate what I’ve prepared. Any thoughts? (DA, email)

A: A candidate said to me today “it’s easier when I use my own words”, writes Liam Horan, Career Coach, Sli Nua Careers. 

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Sometimes the most important breakthroughs look pitifully simplistic in hindsight.

This candidate came in the door hoping to find a new way of communicating – more formal language to transmit greater authority or expertise – whereas his challenge was simply to deploy his own natural communication style.

If we reach out for ‘new words’ or ‘a new style’, we will tie ourselves up in knots. We become the marathoner trying to run at a pace she can’t sustain or the singer going to an octave he can’t hold.

Use your own words.