Be good to yourself, get a psychometric test done

When confronted with recession, and possibly an end to a career we have worked in all or our lives, we are faced with questions about our abilities, and uncertainty about what we can offer. What can we do? Where do our strengths lie? Have we been in the right career?

Many people leave school and college withouth questioning whether their career choices really reflect their interests and values. Others find themselves at a stage in their life where priorities have changed and their own interests differ. How can we develop our self awareness and understanding?

Here’s a tip: take a psychometric test.

This test measures a person’s knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and personality traits using a detailed questionnaire. It helps to assess the emotional intelligence of a person as well, apart from measuring their academic knowledge and job skill sets.

Psychometric testing is one of the best tools to assess the calibre and ability of an individual. It provides precise and reliable facts about a person’s potential to perform and progress. They can also be used in guidance to help people to identify suitable careers.

The beauty of the test is that it creates self-awareness – it helps individuals recognise their strengths and weakness, and facilitates development and self-knowledge. Rather than reeling the standard ‘list of strengths’ that sound good and convincing in interview, why not find out what yours truly are?

It is an objective tool, as opposed to a kind parent or friend telling you that you are a real talent in a specific area. Like a mock interview, the test does not exaggerate or embellish the truth (remember X-factor with the appalling singers and their confrontational parents arguing their ‘genuine talent!)

For interview purposes, confidence and preparation are key factors. Armed with your results, and preparing definitive examples of these strengths, is a powerful combination. Interviewers find themselves faced with the same jargon and pitch again and again.

People being interviewed are giving themselves a higher chance of success when they are assured in their own abilities and can give the interviewer a clear picture of what these are. These are unique talents and most importantly they are your own (and not borrowed from some manual)

For example, if you’re in a role that involves working with figures, you may not ‘enjoy’ working in an environment that involves intuition and counselling. Likewise, artistic people need creativity in their role that requires flexibility and inspiration.

Ideally, we would all choose careers that reflect our key interests. However this may not always be possible. Many individuals find themselves in a role that does not suit their interests and abilities. While psychometric assessments may not provide the answer to our dreams, it does play a part in developing a better understanding of our true abilities.

The information received is not only enlightening; it gives you an insight into your own abilities that is a long-term investment.

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