Links programme

An idea?

Could all of us who fraternise together on #irishbizparty boost our mutual SEO ratings by putting reciprocal links up on our sites?

Or does that even work from an SEO point of view? I’m no expert on SEO: perhaps someone on #irishbizparty could advise on same. Here’s an article I read on the topic: Do reciprocal links provide SEO value?

Would it need to be a series of third-party links – i.e. business A links to business B and business links to Business C and, then, Business C links back to Business A? I’m sure there is a more professional way of articulating that chain of events!

Anyway, I think it’s worth throwing out there, and perhaps some – or a number – of our #irishbizparty colleagues with expertise in this area could come up with some possible approaches. The comment section is open below if anyone wants to put in their tuppence worth.

Thank you – Liam Horan, Sli Nua Careers.