How #irishbizparty power bursts works

1. Each week, we will have our chosen business – the schedule is at the bottom of this page, where the whole concept is explained in full, I hope.

2. On their allotted time, the chosen business will tweet out some information about themselves. Name, location, what they do. It may take a few tweets to do this, or they may put information up on their website explaining their exact needs to those who will tweet during the #powerburst. It is very important to make it clear the area of your business in which you are looking for help. Each tweet should contain the #irishbizparty hashtag.

3. Their first and their final tweet in this series should include the hashtag #powerburst.

4. Other followers of #irishbizparty should then tweet back promotional and marketing ideas – perhaps referencing similar ideas they have seen before or brand new ones. The more ideas you can give the better. Make sure to keep #irishbizparty hashtag in place, and, ideally, tweet directly to the chosen business (e.g. @ANOther).

5. We hope the #powerburst slot will last approximately 30 minutes. The aim is that the chosen business is given loads of ideas for promotion and marketing.

If you’d like to be ‘chosen’, simply tweet ‘please consider me for #irishbizparty #powerburst’ to @slinuacareers.

More on the ‘power burst’ HERE – that’s where you will also find the rota. In time, we will merge both of these pages into one, but #powerburst still in beta mode, so to speak.

It takes place every Wednesday night as part of #irishbizparty.