Seven interview questions you might like to ask

Let’s set the scene. You have bombarded every potential employer in a 50-mile radius with CV’s. Your interview attire is primed like a nuclear warhead ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

You get the lucky break and get called to the interview stages.

You rehearse ad nauseam the answers to potential questions in the mirror. You develop a good rapport with the interviewers. You maintain positive body language throughout, highlighting your skills and attributes while taking care not to appear overbearing.

Then it comes: “so have you any questions you would like to ask?”

Many candidates are oblivious to the fact that the questions they ask are just as important as to how they present themselves and the answers they give. Neglecting to pose suitable questions shows a distinct lack of interest in the job. Asking irrelevant questions indicates a failure to research on the part of the candidate.

Either mistake could thwart a potential job offer. Here are some questions you could have at the ready.

1. “Are there any examples of the projects I could be working on?”

If you are unsure of the job description, or if you are otherwise unclear on this point, this question is essential to ask.

2. “What qualities would the ideal candidate possess?”

This allows you to add any particular skills or attributes you have left out in the interview, but which the employer deems important.

3. “Could you outline the resources available for this position?”

This question obtains the technological, manpower or financial resources you will have and gives many insights into whether the organisation is being realistic about what you can achieve given the resources available.

4. “What do you most like about working for this company?”

This gives great insight into the organisation and also honours the interviewer. Also, if the person answering is unable to answer this question, it might set off alarm bells about your potential place of employment.

5. “Describe your management style or technique?”

If being interviewed by a manager to whom you would report, this question gathers insight into whether or not your potential partnership would be a successful one.

6. “What do you envisage happening in the short term after you hire a new person for this position?”

This question finds out how your performance will be measured.  It will also help you figure out if the job expectations are realistic.

7. “Is there anything you are unsure of in relation to my candidacy that might keep you from offering me the position?

This question shows you are open to feedback or critique and lets the potential employer know that you would be a great employee.

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