#irishbizparty power bursts

Every Wednesday night, from 9-11, a corner of Irish business comes to life.

Business owners from all over the country rally around the hashtag #irishbizparty to promote their own business, and, crucially, to promote the business of others too.

The benefits include: 1. Attention for your business; 2. A feel-good factor as you see others on the same, often lonely, business development journey as you; 3. Useful introductions.

Sli Nua Careers have been involved in adding a new element to the #irishbizparty – it’s called #powerburst. These are half-hour power bursts – where one biz is selected and others tweet-blast it with marketing/promotional suggestions over the course of the next half hour. We held our first one on April 10th, and, following great feedback, we have tweaked it for coming weeks.

Our idea now is that we identify a business for 9.30pm. Check the slots below and tweet @slinuacareers to have your business added somewhere along the line.

We can all promote it throughout the day using #irishbizparty and #powerburst and in the run-up to 9.30pm. Any suggestions, please send my way via our Twitter handle @slinuacareers.

By the way, Samantha (@sunzusam, the founder of #irishbizparty) suggested that people might join the IrishBizparty Alliance on Sunzu – I did that, and hopefully others will follow  There’s a free and paid option.

Thank you – Sli Nua Careers.

The rota is below, and HERE you will find a full explanation of how it will roll out on the Wednesday nights. Hopefully it help a lot of businesses come up with fresh and valuable marketing and promotional ideas.


Wednesday, May 22nd:

9.30pm, place has become available at last minute, just tweet @slinuacareers to claim it for your business

Wednesday, May 29th

9.30pm, place available for your business

Wednesday, June 5th

9.30pm, place available for your business

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