Are you a career generalist? Our weekly column from various newspapers around Ireland

The generalist can suffer when they arrive at a career crossroads. “Oh,” they say, “I don’t know what I am.”

At times like that, they wish they had a title, a badge, a category: a carpenter, a teacher, or an astronaut. Or something defined.

The generalist can struggle to see their strengths.

“I’m a bit of this and a bit of that, and, really, not a lot of anything,” they wail (perhaps too strong a word, allow me my moments of dramatic flourish) in their more pessimistic moments.

But, ultimately, it’s the ‘bit of this and bit of that’ that makes the generalist the powerful person they can be. They can run an event. By that, I mean they can book the venue. Find the photographer. Give the photographer good instructions.

Haggle on price. Decide on room lay-outs. Prepare briefing notes for the key speaker. Warn the MD not to tell the racy joke that just doesn’t go down well. MC the event. Get people into the room on time. Defuse conflict. And so on and so forth.

Generalists fly in roles that allow them put their broad skills to use. I am currently doing some research in this area, and am looking for people who might be deemed to be generalists to complete a short survey. If you feel you fit the category, please download our generalist survey HERE

I will make the findings of my research available to all who take part – it might help them better understand their skills and strengths.