Personal Interview Assessment – afterwards

How did you perform? Just because you didn’t get the job doesn’t mean you did a bad interview – there could simply have been a better candidate. Or someone who was already doing the job got promoted, which meant the job was more or less gone in the first place.

Or it might have gone to a nephew of the boss. Equally, just because you got the job doesn’t automatically mean you did a good interview – it might have been a strong endorsement from one of your referees that got you the position, for example. Or you may have earned the role by being a part-timer there for the past year.

Therefore, it is important to continue to learn from the interview itself so that you can fine-tune your interview style, regardless of the outcome.

This grid HERE will help you do that. When you fill it, it will automatically sync to us – we will then send the report back to you. Submission button is on the final page of the form.