Key details re your online Interview Training session with Maureen Nalubega

Contact details: Maureen Nalubega.  E:

Zoom log-in details are below


Steps to take now

1: Make payment €260 (incl. VAT) HERE.  Payment must be made at least one working day beforehand to secure session.

2: Email with your CV or Application Form and, if you have them, the advertisement, job spec or call-to-interview email you received. You can view Maureen’s profile HERE.


Steps to take in the days before the session

1: Complete our Interview Workbook HERE and email it to at least one working day before the session.

2: Please download our Interview Training Structure.

3Optional step: If you have a copy, or knowledge, of questions that have been asked in recent interviews for this sector/position, or if there are certain questions you have found difficult in previous interviews, email those to too.


On the day

1: Log in to Zoom meeting HERE

2: Resource material for use during the session

Four-step method for answering questions (traditional interviews)

The START method (competency based interviews)

Why they really should give you the job (can be a useful exercise to identify key strengths)

Why they might feel they can’t give you the job (another useful exercise to identify what you need to combat during the interview)

If you are a teacher, we maintain a range of useful career info for teachers on our website.
You can access these HERE

Contact details: Maureen Nalubega. E: