Career Corner with Liam Horan @CRC1029fm June 23rd 2014

Liam Horan, Managing Director, Sli Nua Careers Ltd, talks to Aidan Crowley of Community Radio Castlebar –  a series of career tips interviews that will be broadcast each Monday on CRC-fm at 5.30pm GMT.

This week:

Today we can deal with these two issues:


Q: I’m going for an interview in my own company next week. I’m currently a senior salesperson in the business and the position of sales manager has come up. To be honest, I don’t think the current incumbent has done a good job. . I have two questions: how blunt should I be in my assessment of his performance, and should I outline ideas I have for the job during the interview? I’m afraid of showing my hand if I throw out some ideas, and I wonder too if that could be construed as criticism of the man who’s leaving. What are your thoughts? (LL, email).


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