Interview errors that won’t go un-noticed

By Mark McDonald, Career Coach, Sli Nua Careers, Dublin North

Q: In a few sentences, can you outline some common – but perhaps less well-known – mistakes people make at interviews. I feel I know the obvious ones but wonder if there are any others I should consider? (LJ, email).

Mark McDonald
Mark McDonald, Career Coach Tel: +353 86 3812 555

A: Some of these might be so obvious you didn’t think of them, but here goes:

Not turning up at all (generally fatal); turning up late; a weak handshake that creeps the interviewers out; a strong handshake that twists them around the room and causes them to faint; poor eye contact / shiftiness; wearing a boiler suit; rambling on without focus; over-promising; dungarees;  bad-mouthing previous or current employers; showing no interest in the job or organisation itself; displaying little or no knowledge of the sector; and making statements or telling stories that no-one believes, not even yourself.

Try not to obsess on what not to do – it could result in you doing a safe but uninspiring interview. Aim instead to do an interview that gives them real reasons to employ you – what you bring to the role in terms of your experience, your strengths, your ideas, your enthusiasm and so on.


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