Webinar: Supported employment – benefits for employers

Interview first broadcast: 9.30am, Friday, April 24th, 2015 – as part of National Supported Employment Week 2015

In this interview with Geraldine O’Grady, Employment Development Officer, Irish Association of Supported Employment, we look at the benefits of supported employment for employers.

Geraldine Grady, IASE Employment Development Officer.
Geraldine Grady, IASE Employment Development Officer.
  • What is supported employment?
  • How can an employer take someone on under supported employment?
  • What supports are in place in terms of training, mentoring?
  • Are there any grants or incentives for employers?
  • What reasonable accommodations might employers be expected to make?
  • What benefits accrue in terms of having a motivated worker?
  • What impact can it have on other staff members?

Listen to the interview HERE. It is approximately 40 minutes in duration.

To learn more about how supported employment can bring real benefits to employers, go HERE

Interview conducted by Liam Horan, Managing Director, Sli Nua Careers Ltd

Geraldine Grady: MBS, IR & HRM; B.A. Personnel Management; Diplomas in Employment Law; Coaching; Education; Mediation and NLP Practitioner; MCIPD.

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