Excellent feedback from our talk ’15 Steps to Creating a Winning CV’ at Dublin City Library

Pic source www.pixabay.com

We got excellent feedback from Liam Horan’s CV talk at Dublin City Library on Monday last.

Here is a sample of the comments:

Very, very good.
Experienced, practical, sound advice given to us.
Helpful, thanks.
There were a lot of new points for me.
Very useful. Thank you.
So useful, it was clear and with proper information.
Information was very clear and easy to understand.
Clear and short.
Very good (x3)
I learnt a lot about tailoring my CV to suit the kind of job I want to apply for.
Excellent (x2)
It helped me understand how to layout a CV.
This lecture has given me some good advice for CV editing.
Very understandable.
Very informative. Easy to understand. Found layout of CV very useful.
Well presented and clear.
The speaker was an expert and gave practical tips. Very helpful.
Showed the importance on how to structure a CV for maximum impact.