Coaching candidates for Sligo tourism manager role

By Fintan Dunne, Career Coach, Sligo

Fintan Dunne, Career Coach, Sligo office
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Position: Co. Sligo Tourism Manager



To coach for this appointment, I would emphasise from the outset that the employer is looking for a specific person. I would encourage the candidate to do thorough research on the appointment as part of their preparation.

The job, Co. Sligo Tourism manager, is a specific one and the person who is successful will have fulfilled all the requirements as listed. Therefore I would ensure the candidate has a full appreciation of the position they are applying for and that they have the necessary qualifications as listed.

As detailed, the required person must have a deep understanding of the Sligo area and tourism offering. The required candidate must be able to display this and demonstrate how they will use this understanding to solve current issues and develop continued growth in the area.

Next I would get them to look critically at the job specification and pick out the keywords applicable to the role:

  • Communication (very essential, both oral and written);
  • Digital communication (demonstrate their knowledge of the use of multimedia for tourism promotion to a national and global audience);
  • Leadership (are they capable of leading staff and a diverse team?);
  • Planning (can they detail previous works they have done?);
  • Development (can they show the roles they participated in?);
  • Innovation (give examples);
  • Client focus analysis;
  • Networking;
  • Reporting;
  • Finance and business skills.

From there, plan out their preparation phase. This would include looking at their career to date, using this to develop examples which will show to best effect their skills and achievements relevant to this role.

Now that we have all this information, as a coach I would concentrate getting them to get it across in every answer they give.

They have to show WHO they are; WHAT makes them different to the other candidates; WHAT they bring to the role that is innovative and game changing; and HOW they are going to achieve this.

Fintan Dunne is a Career Coach with Sli Nua Careers in Sligo.

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