My first week in Sli Nua Careers

By Paula Ballester Murat

Erasmus Entrepreneurship Programme Participant, 2017/2018

A week has passed since I first arrived in Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo, Ireland, where I will work with Sli Nua Careers, a leading career training company, until January 2018. My business idea revolves around helping individuals make better presentations and become more accomplished public speakers, an area about which I am passionate.

During that short period of time here, I’ve shown the ropes by my host entrepreneur, Liam Horan (he’s alongside me in photo). Liam and his wife Noreen have given me a bedroom in their house until my future apartment is ready and I can move on.

With them, and their doggie Harris, I’ve learnt about Irish traditions, culture and, of course, Gaelic football.

I’ve also noticed how, when you’re an entrepreneur, your schedule doesn’t end at 17:30. During the dinner, watching TV or going to the supermarket, an idea can come across your mind, a solution, a doubt or a question which need to be answered.

An entrepreneur, as their own boss, is a demanding person who cares about their job because is their own creation. There’s no way you can’t feel attached to it.

For some people, this could be a negative point, but I believe that entrepreneurship is a part of your personality. Moreover, what could be better than going to sleep every day thinking that you have been able to detect a necessity, help other people overcome it and be the one who decides what else is coming in your business?

Over the next four months, I will provide weekly blogs and vlogs to update you on my experiences in Sli Nua Careers and how I am progressing towards my goal of being a fully-fledged entrepreneur.