Questions to expect at job interview
Questions candidates get asked in job interviews: Deputy Principal
We deal with hundreds of clients going for job interview each year – and we’re constantly asking them what they get asked.
This a collection of questions to expect at job interview. We update it on an ongoing basis and hope you find it useful. If you would like to submit to us questions you’ve been asked, email

These are actual questions asked of our clients in job interviews

  • Regarding your school-based experience, what would your students say about you?
  • How would you motivate disinterested students?
  • How would you manage discipline, including low misdemeanor incidents?

Leading Learning and Teaching

  1. Qualifications/leadership experience how might they prepare you to become Deputy Principal?
  2. Give examples of how you would lead and assist in collaborative planning and review of curriculum and school policies if you were DP
  3. Promote inclusion, equality of opportunity and the holistic development of all pupils 
  4. Whole school planning for a subject area and how you would ensure the implementation of the curricular plan in classes throughout last the school – Describe the process

Managing the Organisation

  1. Challenging situations with a colleague: equality and fairness 
  2. DP in a large DEIS school is to help maintain discipline and promote good behavior across the school. How could you as DP carry out this role? 
  3. How would you support the Principal in dealing with a teacher who was unhappy/reluctant to teach a certain class level?
  4. Objectives for improving the management of a school and how can you contribute/help with these?
  5. Relationship with Principal – key to managing a successful school – what are the components?

Leading School Development

  1. How can the leadership team in our school use the School Self Evaluation process effectively to manage the school’s response to changing needs?
  2. This is a large DEIS school. Key targets that should be part of the schools DEIS planning that would help overcome the difficulties and challenges a DEIS 1 urban school like this would face?
  3. How would you manage staff who were reluctant to engage in an area that you were leading as part of school development? deal with it?

Developing Leadership Capacity

  1. Promote CPD amongst the staff if you were DP?
  2. Describe please how you might have in the past mentored teachers regarding new approaches methodologies, programmes, systems and procedures?
  3. Successful in getting other people to work collaboratively as part of a team
  4. Pupils voice, participation, and leadership in the school how?
  5. What’s your leadership style? 

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