Launcher – HQ

This launcher is now obsolete. New HQ Launcher is in the intranet. Ask Liam if you can’t locate it.

New Sales Cycle



Regular (e.g. daily) & Temporary

Temporary confirmation email for online CV appointment – Aidrienne, this shouldn’t be needed much longer – all the coaches now have their own NON-AGENCY and AGENCY templates for this now on Launcher. If you see any errors, let me know.

OnePage CRM action stream

Handling GPA Clients

HQ Hard Core Regular To Dos & Weekend Tracker

WhatsApp daily(ish) reminder to Zoom company-wide group

WhatsApp to non-agency client who has just contacted us – all & LH

Email to non-agency client who has just contacted us – all & LH – dont use yet – not done yet

Aidrienne – Liam Handover document (sundry)

Feedback email

Weekend Musketeers work summary (no need to email them; calendar entry should go automatically)


CVs – emails & templates

CV catchall email enquiry

Email for CV & job advert after speaking to client on the phone

Liam’s advanced (maybe with video) reply to CV enquirier – might be something we can replicate – LH

Passing Agency client (CV) onto John Moloney for IVT

CV & LinkedIn catchall reply

Email to get info from CV client without CV


Application Forms

Application form catch-all reply – NON-AGENCY clients

Application form – quote of price – NON-AGENCY clients

Email after agreeing booking – NON-AGENCY clients

Email following phone call to confirm Application Form and maybe Interview Training – NON-AGENCY clients



Interview Training

IVT catchall email enquiry

Catchall reply re combined IVT and Mock Interview package


Mock Interview emails and booking links

Mock Interview catchall email enquiry


LinkedIn emails and booking links

Introducing the client to one of our LinkedIn writers

HQ kickstarts LinkedIn process for the writer (GPA)

Moving on from CV/cover letter to LinkedIn process


Career direction emails and booking links

Catch-all email to enquiring school-leavers / students / families


Payments & Finance

Taking remote payments – the magic word to access this page will be updated in usual way via WhatsApp group

Payments link for customers to use – select the one(s) you need to send to customer

Sort My Books



Our People

All our people launchers

Contact details for all our Coaches, including the services they provide

Ailbhe’s Friday report

Calendly links for our people – this figure is growing, Aidrienne, you could find it useful



Company-wide Zoom – how to start a meeting

My own Zoom