Operations manager needs guidance

She is an Operations/Manufacturing Manager with close on 25 years experience in the manufacturing sector.

She’s top notch in every way with proven results – costs controlled, processes improved, wide-ranging expertise. She has impeccable references.

But she can’t get work right now.

She has a good CV, an excellent LinkedIn profile, and a daily routine of contacting people she worked with previously and others with whom she came into contact during her successful career. She makes contact with these people by a variety of mean, depending on what she feels best suits the person in question – email, phonecall, text message, arrange to meet, and the like.

So, as job-searchers go, we think she’s doing a good bit. She’s a quiet, professional woman and certainly wouldn’t go as far as the famous jobless Paddy’s billboard to get herself noticed in this difficult economic time.

But what might she do? If you had any suggestions as to how she can get herself noticed/turb0-charge her job-searching, it would be greatly appreciated: this is a woman who a) deserves to be in the workplace, and b) will be an enormous asset to any company.

In her own words: “I did it before – now I want to do it again.”

You can email us suggestions at callback@slinuacareers.com