A top tonsorial artist in action. Hats off, we say.

This particular blog is not dealing strictly with career stuff – but, in a roundabout way, it should have some resonance. As people who established a business during Ireland’s economic downturn, we are always interested to spot other developments in what we will call – with a worrying level of business cliche – the SME space.



I know, I know, I don’t have much for cutting – but hats off (pun intended) to Craig Nolan in Crew Barber, ILAC Centre, Dublin. We dropped in there last Saturday morning, and it was an almost whole-body experience: nasal, ear, eyebrows, and what us country folk call ‘the thatch’ too.

Craig Nolan, the Crew Barber, ILAC Centre, Dublin
Craig Nolan, the Crew Barber, ILAC Centre, Dublin

Craig competes in various international competitions for barbers. This year he will compete in Edinburgh (the fringe festival, I guess – boom, boom) and the USA. He even funded his own trip to Turkey to learn at the feet of some of the great barbers in that country. I didn’t go for the shave – time didn’t permit – but it’s on the  agenda for my next visit.

Craig’s from Tallaght. He takes his profession seriously. Professionalism always shines through. My presence as photographer also shone through, as you can see, which, in point of fact, means my own professionalism didn’t.