An extra pair of hands, an international dimension, get projects done

Could you do with an extra pair of hands on a project without having to incur additional costs?

Maybe overhaul your social media, write new promotional material or improve internal systems in your company?

If yes, Erasmus+ could help out.

Through Erasmus+ young people  gain work experience abroad, to develop new skills, gain vital international experience and boost their employability.

They gain that experience in companies like yours. The EU funds them – you don’t have to pay them, just give them useful tasks/projects and act as a mentor or support. That’s your contribution to a successful placement.

They find accommodation locally. Typically, the students stay 2-6 months, working 20 hours per week (you can do that as four days of five hours, so they then have time to explore Ireland on the other three days).

We are connected with a company that specialises in this field  – click HERE.

Vital to note: the process is quite simple. Elio Laureano, who runs that company, takes you by the hand to make it happen. You need not be afraid of exhaustive paperwork.

You can request specific skills and English language proficiency.

If you would like to hear more details, please email

Further summary of benefits for YOU