Preparation will ease worries
Deirdre May, Career Coach, Limerick office
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Q: I’m really worried about an upcoming interview. I’m afraid I will get all tongue-tied. I know my job inside out but others will sell themselves much better than me. Any tips? (ED, email).

A: Get some notes down on paper, but don’t learn stuff off. Write down six stories that show you doing your job well. In those stories, include results or outcomes – i.e. “because of that, the event ran very smoothly and/or we won an award”, writes Deirdre May, CAREER COACH, Sli Nua Careers.

Remember that interview panels are designed to see beyond the tongue-tied and silver-tongued to find the most competent candidate. Highlight your professionalism and skills every chance you get.

Finally, be easy on yourself. Everyone else is nervous too. You will make a few mistakes. So will the others. Perfection is not your goal here.

Deirdre May is a Career Coach with Sli Nua Careers in Limerick.

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