Career tips from around the world
Ines Gonzalez, Career Coach

Q:  I will be looking for a new job during 2021. I am not sure how much the market has changed over the last few months. I need to find some inspiration and tips and would welcome any help. (BC, email).

A: I believe the jobs’ market and the world have changed a bit. However, there are many areas related to job seeking that remain the same. We just need to focus on what worked before, and apply the new lessons learned from last year, writes Ines Gonzalez, Career Coach, Sli Nua Careers.

I do my best every week to provide advice on career issues. But this time, I thought of gathering career tips from around the world.  I have asked four career experts around the world for their top tips for job seekers in 2021.

I understand different countries have different issues, but we have all shared a common experience during 2020. I believe sharing ideas will help us all to fight the challenges ahead. I hope they bring a bit of the inspiration you are looking for.

AF (Argentina)

I would say that to look for work we must connect with our purpose. Looking for areas in which we can contribute to an organisation and to the world. That uniqueness each of us brings to the world will be a win-win for a company.

JT (Canada)

I would say that now is the best time ever to pivot– a great time to make a change.

SC (Spain)

I think 2021 will be, what I call, an ‘underground year’. Everyone will be focused on job portals, and open processes will be more saturated than ever.

Those who want to differentiate themselves will have to follow a different path. I recommend networking. That path will allow you to reach positions that are not yet open and therefore have no competition.

PA (United Kingdom)

There are many tips I could provide but one would be to put yourself in the recruiter’s mind-set and think about how you can match your experience to the employer’s priorities right now. For example, if they are focused on agile working, highlight where you may have experience in this area. Make it easier for employers to see how you would add value for them.

Also, it can be tough at the moment to keep motivated. Take each day at a time and think through ‘one thing I can do today to progress my job search’. It will help focus your mind and enable you to move beyond the tendency to procrastinate. Networking is also still as important as ever; let people know what type of work you are looking for.

As you see, there are a few common themes there, including the power of networking and the ability to highlight our uniqueness to stand out.

Market research is also important, knowing what is on demand and how we fit.  Considering a pivot, or a change in direction, is a good strategy to bear in mind. Think of different possibilities you may not have considered previously.

My own tip would be that all of this work has to be done while minding ourselves. If we have learned anything is that health is a priority. Good mental and physical health will be a key factor in our success.

Ines Gonzalez is a Career Coach with Sli Nua Careers.

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