Fintan Dunne, Career Coach, Sligo, T:
094 954 2965

Key details re our Skype Interview Training session:
Fee: €225 (incl. 23% VAT). This fee is payable before the session, HERE.

If you haven’t already done so, please add me to your Skype contacts list: fgdunne

Click our Interview Workbook HERE to download the form that we will use to explore what the employer is looking for in this position – fill out this Workbook as best you can and email back to us to allow us to become familiar with its contents. You should have a printed version of the completed workbook beside you during the session. This will help you get better value from the session.

Please download our Skype Interview Training Structure so you will know what to expect.

You can also send me on a copy of your CV. If you have the advertisement or job spec for the role you are seeking, please forward that on also. After the session, we will send you extensive follow-up audio and text documents.

If you’re a teacher, we maintain a range of useful career info for teachers on our website. You can access these HERE.

If you happen to have a copy, or knowledge, of questions that have been asked in recent interviews for this sector/position, please email those to me. Additionally, if there are certain questions that you have found difficult in interview, email those to us too.

Please note that our approach tends not to focus exclusively on the exact questions they may or may not ask, rather we concentrate on the kernel of what the employer is looking for in the successful candidate. The interview is a conduit through which they seek to find the right person. However, it can be helpful to have knowledge of previous questions asked for this position/sector.

Please click on these links to access some resource material that we may use during our session:

Please print these documents and have them beside you for the session.

Please confirm receipt of this note at your convenience by emailing me on

Kind regards, and thanks, Fintan.