Never take a speech for granted

By Liam Horan, Sli Nua Careers

Never take a speech for granted.

We’ve all done it, but we shouldn’t. It is a bitter, painful lesson to learn.

I have seen the best of singers decline to sing solo in a singsong* – “you’ll give us one there Mary, no bother to you” –  because something just wasn’t right.

By ‘something’ I mean the environment wasn’t suitable, the audience wasn’t likely to listen, or their voice was hoarse, or some such.

Do not presume that just because you have good communication skills you can speak at the drop of a hat. Preparation is crucial – even if the notice is short, there should still be time to scribble some notes, to put some order on your thoughts, but you should never take to a microphone without having a very strong idea of what you’re going to say.

PS: I have also seen the worst of singers decline to stay silent in a singsong – I’m one…

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