It’s an interview – not your annual appraisal


By Liam Horan, Career Coach, Sli Nua Careers

Sometimes interview candidates find it difficult to sell themselves when they go for a job in their current organisation.

They need to claim this right.

Others – perhaps some with lesser achievements, commitment and experience – will claim this right.

This is an interview. A sales call.

It is not the meeting to decide on the annual bonus or to revise a personal development plan.

Without fully appreciating this, there is always the danger that the internal candidate will not perform to the best of their ability in the interview.

You don’t need to justify or explain everything. You are here to sell yourself, not to update management on progress in your division. While you most certainly give credit to your team, this interview, this hour, is ultimately about you,  what you have achieved, and what you will bring to this new role.

The culture of an organisation can sometimes make it difficult for candidates to get their mindset right for challenge, but, without it, they will obscure their achievements, downplay their effectiveness, and, ultimately, let someone else get the job instead of them.

It’s a time to be a little selfish.

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